Nuffnang Malaysia

We are the pioneering social media influencer and content marketing company in Malaysia. Today, after more than a decade in the business, one thing still remains – we have never been more passionate in empowering influencers to create inspiring and compelling content for our clients, regardless of platforms; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and now, TikTok.

Solutions We Offer


Influencer Engagement

Finding the right social influencers (with thousands of followers) to showcase how they integrate a client’s product or service into their everyday life via social media postings such as videos and photos.


Brand Ambassadorship

Negotiating, securing and managing celebrities and top influencers for mid to long-term Brand endorsements.


Brand Advocates Programme

Building, grooming and managing a community of influencers with a sizeable following who has a strong love for a client’s Brand. This community will be the leading voice for the Brand in the social space.

Brands That Trust Us

Our Key Clients

Food & Beverages
FMCG, Nutrition, Personal Care
Food & Beverages
FMCG, Nutrition, Personal Care
FMCG, Nutrition, Personal Care

Our Key Partners

Netccentric Limited