Instagram’s New Algorithm Update and its Effects on Online Marketing | 20/04/2016

Netccentric News | 20 April 2016

Instagram’s New Algorithm Update and its Effects on Online Marketing

Wednesday, 20 April 2016, Singapore – Instagram’s recent move to an “algorithmic timeline” means users will see posts that they are more likely to be interested in at the top of their feeds rather than posts in a chronological order. This new change will affect brands, influencers, their agencies and consumers alike.

While algorithmic filtering is not new, there were still mixed reactions from the online community. Some consumers are worried about missing out on certain feeds on their timeline, whilst others are worried that their reach on Instagram has become hindered. Celebrity Kylie Jenner with 58 million followers voiced out on Instagram against the new change, “Instagram if it’s not broke don’t fix it!”

Even though Instagram has yet to announce an official launch date, brands and influencers have been quick to react by sending requests to consumers to ‘turn on post notifications’ for their business accounts, as seen on Italian luxury brand @gucci, Chinese electronics powerhouse @xiaomisg and Singaporean Youtube sensation @thejianhaotan.

“The new algorithm will mean that organic reach will become more difficult to obtain, but this may be a positive change as it will encourage all brands and advertisers to work harder to produce better quality content,” Timothy Tiah, COO of Netccentric, says.

Influencers with high interaction rates will flourish but those with low interaction rates will suffer in terms of reach. This could either be they don’t have a genuine following or they just don’t have a very strong bond with their followers.

Moving forward, the industry should gear towards creating content with quality instead of quantity. This is what Netccentric strongly believes in and have been advocating for – focusing on the quality of interaction, rather than just the number of followers.


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