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#RTVMalaysia was founded in November 2013. We use video to build a human bridge to create a real digital connection. We don’t just produce videos for clients. We also advise what is best for them in the mid to long term. We will work closely with the client to complement or execute plans for targeted distribution and amplification of the videos we produce for the client.

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The Leading
Influencer and Content Marketing
company in Asia

We are the pioneers in the Influencer and Content Marketing industry- having served hundreds of Brands, executed thousands of campaigns and impacted millions of consumers in the last 10 years.
We have the biggest and most diverse community of Social Media enthusiasts in Asia – all ready to collaborate with Brands for their marketing campaigns.
With a full servicing team onboard, we are committed to a narrative-first approach to our Clients’ campaign briefs – focusing on designing rich and authentic content with the Influencers to engage the intended audience.