Sashimi Asia aims to bring global best practices to local digital marketing community

[ By New Straits Times ]

Digital marketing company Sashimi Asia, a digital marketing subsidary brand under Sashimi Social Sdn Bhd, aims to bring global best practices to Malaysia for the benefit of local clients.

Founder and director Desmond Kiu said the company’s team of local talents, who had gained experience with leading international creative agency networks, is the differentiating factor against competitors.

“Within the local digital marketing community, there tend to be two groups – international companies that drive thought-leadership based on best practices from the region, and local companies who are more agile and rooted in local culture.

Sashimi Asia founder and director Desmond Kiu says the company is a key component of ASX-listed Netccentric Ltd, which has aspirations to be a pioneering digital growth ecosystem.

“What Sashimi Asia has achieved thus far stems from our ability to get the best of both these worlds,” said Kiu.

He said the company is currently exporting services to neighbouring countries Singapore and Indonesia.

“Digital marketing is fast evolving with consumer tech trends. To be ahead, one needs not only to be creative but to be agile while constantly innovating and transforming on current practices,” he said further.

Kiu describes the company’s business model, which integrates the disciplines of digital media and creative execution, as a ‘new age’ one that is able to ‘change and adapt our shades like a chameleon would against the environment.’

This stems from marketers having increasingly complex tasks, due to social media being a key channel to reach and influence consumers.

“Speed is the name of the game and marketers need to be agile and fast, due to the need for instantaneous and reactive responses,” he said.

Sashimi Asia was founded by Kiu in 2013. Today, he still holds a 49 percent stake in the company while the remaining 51 percent stake is held by Netccentric Ltd (NCL), a Malaysian-based company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Before founding Sashimi Asia, Kiu led digital marketing teams and handled advertising campaigns that won recognition from Singapore to New York.

NCL has aspirations to be a pioneering digital growth ecosystem of which Sashimi Asia is one of the key components, said Kiu.


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